Buyin Zheng

My roots, my teachers

We humans learn from models, from role models. For me those have been, from early childhood on, Buddhist and Daoist Masters, who guided my way. All that I am and what I know today is due to the knowledge they have been passing on over thousands of years. It is a great honour for me, that the Masters chose me to spread this holy knowledge in the Western World. I am thankful for their trust from the deepness of my heart.

I was particularly influenced by Grandmaster Jinsheng Yao. As the bearer of the Shaolin Neijin Qigong (Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan Qigong) in the 19th generation he followed Great-Grandmaster Ashui Que, who for the first time had spread the method outside the Monastery Walls in the 1960s. For many years Grandmaster Yao has been accompanying me and has been teaching me patiently, kindly and with wise humour to develop my virtues and abilities. It was him, who finally appointed me as the representative of the method in the 20th generation and who encouraged me to go to Europe. I am very happy that many of my pupils already had the chance to get to know him personally while visiting China.

Further Masters and teachers have been shaping my work and my thinking to this day. Among other things they are teaching me in the Arts of Shaolin Gongfu (Luohan-Shenquan) as well as Qigong techniques and special meditation exercises. I am very thankful that in recent years I have been allowed to deepen my connection with Buddhism by studying with Tibetan Masters. With their help the place that spirituality has in my life is continually growing. They enable me to understand more and more, what is really important in life. Gladly I am passing on those insights to my pupils.

An important root for my work is of course also my family. I owe a lot to the love and support my parents gave me. Early on they familiarised me with Chinas great philosophical teachings as well as with the traditions of Qigong and the Chinese Art of Healing. They taught me to be tolerant regarding different religions, ways of thinking and ways of life and they have always encouraged me to follow my way. Whenever I visit my parents in China I particularly enjoy the hours practising Taijiquan with my mother or going to the county with my father.

My ethics

I am deeply convinced that people are only able to evolve and grow if they are spreading good deeds in the world and help other people. We may complain about war, violence and injustice – but we can only receive the power t for change if we are continuously improving our personal virtues. Compassion, gratitude and tolerance are the values which will help us along in this day and age. They are the impulses for profound healing.


My innermost motivation is to enable people to lead a life in harmony and health.  Being rooted in Qigong as well as my perennial studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has taught me to cure suffering not by treating the symptom but by treating the cause.  To find the cause it is of utmost importance to regard the human being as a unit of body, mind and soul as well as the relations with the social environment and Nature. This holistic way of thinking is what determines my work in all areas. Whenever I can help people to make their life harmonic and peaceful, I am happy.

My vision

I have been living in Germany since 1999 to introduce the people to authentic Qigong with its preventive and healing effect and to give them effective methods for self-healing. More than 15,000 people have visited my lectures and seminars during this time; they have read my books and articles and for some part even have become a Qigong teacher or Qigong therapist.

I would like to pass on my knowledge and my abilities to far more people to let the following generation profit from it, too. It is my heart´s desire to offer healthcare and to build islands of peace and harmony in many places in Europe and in other parts of the Western World.

I hope that one day my dream becomes true to build a centre of refuge, hope and healing.

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