Authentic Qigong

There is a wide range of Qigong styles which all claim to be “the Original”. It is therefore difficult for interested persons to verify this claim. There are however some characteristics, which distinguish authentic Qigong:

The authentic Qigong Master

The authentic Qigong Master has a deep aspiration to pass on the thousands of years old knowledge and the method of authentic Qigong for the welfare of human beings. The true Master excels by the following characteristics:




Distinction from physical exercises like Gymnastics, Yoga or Taijiquan

Qigong clearly emphasizes the holistic nature and energetic aspect as well as experiences and control of Qi. Those experiences are supported by a combination of exercises in motion and exercises in silence plus harmonious breathing. The focus of Gymnastic or Yoga however is placed on sole physical exercises to obtain well-being.

Taijiquan and Qigong do have things in common, but differ regarding the objective and the stiles of exercises. The objective of Taiiquan is to strengthen the body and preserve health by practising soft movements associated with breathing. Moreover Taijiquan is a form of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and therefore embodies special defensive tactics. In contrast, it is of great importance with Qigong not only to harmonise the body and the breathing, but also to harmonise the mind and to bring all three parts in harmony.  Practicing Qigong acupuncture points and the Meridians are being opened, so that energy may flow freely. Furthermore the life force “Qi” is being accumulated and increased within the body, which leads to a strengthening of health. Many people, who already know Taijiquan, experience the perception of Qi and the flow of energy for the first time, while practising Qigong.

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