Qigong and spirituality

Qigong as philosophy of life

Qigong is far more than the bare listing of exercises: it is a holistic, aware and healthy lifestyle. The aims of Qigong are the preservation or achievement of health and the balance of body, mind and soul, as well as the widely utilization of all positive human potentials. A state of extensive Qi-harmony is pursued.

The deep philosophical background of Qigong regards the human body as a microcosm, which can be considered as a reflection of the macrocosm of the universe. Qigong, being a harmonising method, which accompanies our development, change and decay, gives us adequate help and establishes the framework, which allows us to assess the occurrences we encounter individually as well as the deeper questions of life. For Qigong trains body and mind; it serves as a guideline for our actions.

Starting to practise Qigong one usually focuses on the training of the body to promote a strong health. Once the physical well-being is restored, little by little the mind and the soul relax, too. Inner peace and serenity arrive. One is able to cope with the challenges of life in a constructive way and with increasing ease. A pleasant feeling of being connected with the energy of the universe arises.

If you really want to understand the method, to access the energy of the universe in a simple way, if you really want to learn how to control and work with energy, than you should learn about the interaction of body, mind, soul and energy.


Qigong and spirituality

Along with the stabilization of health, the development of inner balance and strength as well as the cultivation of the five Virtues (humanity, politeness, trust, justice and wisdom), people who practice Qigong intensively often experience a broadening of the spiritual dimension. In the beginning there is the so called “training of the mind”. To overcome attachment, letting go of desire and of negative characteristics are important steps on this way.
Special meditations like, for example, on the love of the mother, the increase of compassion or the transformation of anger help to cleanse the mind and to penetrate into the deep layers of the own soul. The distinct meditative aspects of the Qigong exercises in silence in particular lead to an intensive examination of the inter-religious, essential questions of life.  They also develop special abilities, like among other things, a strong intuition.

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