International Neijin QiGong Academy

buyin_zhengIn the year 2005 Grandmaster Buyin Zheng founded the International Neijin Qigong Academy (at the time called International Neijin Qigong Institute) in Magdeburg. In the beginning there were only held regular Qigong courses and every now and then a weekend seminar in almost familiar atmosphere. The step towards a broader public happened in 2006 when the first International Qigong Summer Academy took place, which already was focused on topics like prevention and healing. The offering grew little by little and the popularity increased continuously.  An important contribution provided the publications of books and specialist articles. It is very important for Grandmaster Zheng to create a harmonious atmosphere with his publications and at his events and to show ways to achieve health for body, mind and soul. His natural and open manners, as well as his determination to dedicate his life for the good of mankind, give him a strong charisma.

Since the early beginnings, Grandmaster Zheng has been gathering a continuously growing team around him. Also many friends from different countries support his way. They are all united by the wish to help other people to lead a healthy and harmonious life. Among the diverse offers of the International Neijin Qigong Academy are today

We would like to cordially invite you to gain a personal picture of the pleasant atmosphere as well as the fascinating effect of authentic Qigong and the Traditional Chinese Art of Healing either here at our main location or at the events of Grandmaster Buyin Zheng.

If you have any questions we would be very pleased to hear from you.

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