Meditation on a mother´s love

Our mother is the first person, by whom we experience love. She is the origin of all feelings of love. Without our mother we could never have known how to love.

Love is important for everyone. Everybody needs it. Therefore we should give love to our mother and our father as well as our children, life partners, the whole family, friends, colleagues – all fellow human beings, all creatures and things. While practicing love, the heart grows with every second, until love embraces the whole universe.

Instructions to perform the meditation

You can practice the following Qigong meditation exercise sitting on a chair or on the ground. In case you are sitting on a chair, please put your feet parallel at shoulder width. If you are sitting on the ground, you can either sit in the Lotus sitting position, in the half Lotus sitting position or with your legs crossed.

When you have found a comfortable sitting position, place your hands in a relaxed way closely in front of your chest. The palms face towards the sky and the fingers are tilted to each other, as if you were carrying a lotus flower. As an alternative you can lay your hands in a relaxed way on the thighs, the palms are also facing towards the sky. In case it is not possible for you to practice in a sitting position, you can also exercise the meditation lying down.

Sit or lie in a relaxed position. Rest the tip of your tongue against the front of your upper palate. Observe how your breathing is calming, becoming more even and slower. Calm your mind. Now start the meditation, accompanied by the text of the audio file.

To conclude the meditation gently rub your hands together, gently massage the face, the head, the ears and the neck and stroke a few times with your palms over the kidneys.

You can practice the meditation weather your mother is still alive or already gone – and regardless if maybe your mother made a mistake. Nobody is perfect. The love of your mother will always accompany you. She is the origin of all feelings of love. The love of our mother embodies the love of all living beings and things. She gives us compassion, trust, strength and harmony.

The Audio file takes about 23 minutes.

Meditation on a mother´s love (MP3)

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